Real estate in Florida can be considered a very good alternative as far as holidays or retirement investment is concerned. If you are also planning to purchase real estate in Florida then you can consider properties in Costa Rica, since this is what most of the American investors are doing. When it comes to cost, realty in Florida is 70% to 80% higher in price than Costa Rica. Costa Rican realty is not only cheaper, but has other advantages associated with it that cannot be found in Florida realty.

From the investment point of view

Costa Rican properties are less expensive than real estate in Florida for similar properties. Due to an increase in the average price in the last few years by 300%, it is getting better. As compared to Florida realty, the potential capital growth opportunities offered in Costa Rica are far better. There are many realty investors who have made their investment double in a few years with Costa Rican property. In terms of growth rate, Costa Rica realty poses a strong contender for the properties in Florida. When you buy a property in Costa Rica your investment is secure because you get the same rights as the Costa Rican residents. You also get various tax incentives along with the rights.

Buying a Costa Rican property for retiring and living

American investors, who want to avoid the increase in inflation, crime and fast pace of life, prefer properties in Costa Rica. This is because houses in Costa Rica are cheaper and so are the expenses of living; it is 70% less as compared to the US. Many investors who were more than willing to purchase property in Florida are changing their decision and moving to Costa Rica. People, who are retiring, prefer Costa Rica real estate because it is one of the most relaxed and beautiful places to live in and they get more for their investment.

Holiday home

Several advantages related to investment and living is associated with Costa Rican real estate. If you combine these two factors, purchasing a holiday home here can be a very good deal. Your decision of buying Costa Rica realty is backed by the following advantages

Real estate can be bought as an asset and later used in whichever way you want.

With 300% as the growth rate on property value in last ten years, this form of investment is certainly better than mutual funds.

One of the major advantages is that you can either use it for holidaying or relaxing or, you can rent it and enjoy the soaring demand for rentals.

Such an investment will provide you an appreciating asset in your hands along with extra rental income so that you can make full use of it.

According to statistics, the rise in Florida real estate is nothing when compared to the cost and rise of property market in Costa Rica. You will get a good house amidst great scenic beauty in Costa Rica at an affordable cost, something that every investor looks for.

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